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Manaloplay fish shooting games is a game loved by millions of players

Manaloplay is a leading online gambling company that gives you the opportunity to access the latest casino games from around the world. Our casino offers you a wide range of thrilling casino games, varied promotions and generous bonuses. Among our many casino games, the fish shooting game is becoming more and more popular among players.

Manaloplay fish shooting game

Fish shooting games, a popular 3D fishing game with countless fans. The play method is simple and easy to learn, the beautiful graphics and high-definition sound effects are a feast for the eyes and ears. You will not feel tired even if you play for a long time. Manaloplay fish shooting games allows players to experience the joy of fishing in the virtual world and at the same time, earn maximum profit by operating in a safe and secure environment.

Manaloplay latest fish shooting game

How to play fish shooting game?

This is an exciting online casino game, which gives you the feeling of shooting when competing with other players. This game is very interesting and challenging, especially for those of you who love fishing, so don’t miss it!

  • Basic rules

The basic idea behind fish shooting games is to use a cannon to shoot fish and win rewards. In general, there are four cannons on each side with different levels of difficulty. Most players first use the easiest cannon to shoot their first round of fish.

This is the most important thing to know while playing this game. You can purchase more bullets with your currency by tapping on the “purchase” button. Each fish has its own HP, which means that after being hit (or shot) once, it will die on the next shot. You can shoot your fish only by spending the currency provided in each level (currency is also used as ammunition for shooting).

  • Game targets

There are many targets to shoot at in this game, the following are the three most common ones:

  • Common fish: The most common type of fish, this type of fish is easy to defeat although the prize is relatively small.
  • Special fish: This type of target usually gives you some special weapons or skills after defeat.
  • Boss fish: This is the target with the highest bonuses and requires a higher attack power to defeat.
fish shooting games

Play the best fish shooting games at Manaloplay

In this game genre, you need to kill fish using a gun while they are swimming in the ocean. One thing that we really love about this genre is that there are various payouts to any level of entry. You could win big as soon as you shoot your first fish without having to invest too much time or money. The best thing about this game is that you can play them anytime because you can use our apps that are available on both Android phones and iOS phones.